Okaaay, there’s a Cheetos fashion store and you’re going to need everything now

If this collection of holidays gifts isn’t the definition of “dangerously cheesy,” we don’t know what is! Cheetos recently opened a pop-up online fashion store, and it’s jam packed with Cheeto-licious black-and-orange items your friends (and you) will love.

“Designed” by Chester Cheetah himself, the Cheetos Store features some surprisingly cute stuff, including Cheetos-print leggings (though they’re already sold out!), a paw-print scarf, and a cozy onesie.

The brand says that each item in the limited-time holiday collection is “inspired by the Cheetos essence of exceptionally spectacular fun and puts the true meaning of opulence into the holidays.”

Check out some of the goods in this Cheetos fashion show!


Cheetos’ tongue-in-cheek holiday offerings are sure to be a hit (because what ’90s kid doesn’t eat a bag of these tasty treats “for nostalgia’s sake” on the regular?!) and are already flying off the virtual shelves. Not only are the leggings sold out, so is Chester Cheetah’s “lounge paw,” a giant paw-shaped chair.

The good news is you can still score tons of fun stuff. Check out a few (hilarious) options below!

“Dangerously Silky Scarf”


Get it here for $54.

“The Purrfect Onesie”


Get it here for $39.99.

“Toilet Paw-Per”


Get it here for $7.99.

“Eye of the Cheetah” Ring and Earring Set


Get it here for $20,000. Yup, 20K. We’re scratching our heads over this one, too!

“Chester Cheetah’s Bathing Brief”


Get it here for $29.99.

And see even more here.