NOT OK: Why Do We Still Ask Celebs If They’ve Gained Weight?

I’m sure all of us follow at least a couple of celebs on Instagram. It’s fun to see which behind-the-scenes moments in their lives they choose to share. However, have you ever stopped to read some of the comments? It is unreal how cruel people can be. “Whoa, you’re too skinny!” “Have you put on weight?” “Skeletaurus Rex!”

Model Chrissy Teigen, 28, was recently victim to these types of comments after posting this photo to her Instagram account:

Several users commented on her appearance, asking her whether she’s gained weight, with some just outright accusing her of doing so. Weight? Where? I’m looking, but I don’t see it. Besides the fact that Chrissy, who recently appeared on the cover of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, is not fat at all, what makes people think it is okay to ask a celebrity about their weight? It’s not. Rather than just let the comments roll off her back, Chrissy fired back on Twitter:

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) April 25, 2014

You can argue that part of being a celeb is being prepared to take criticism because you make a living out of living in the public eye and sharing your life with the world. However, people talking about your personal life in the media is one thing, but commenting on your weight seems to be crossing the line. It’s no one’s business. Period. I’m sure these aren’t the first negative comments Chrissy has received, but she clearly hit a breaking point.

While Chrissy may be part of an industry that is focused on weight and promotes an unrealistic body type for women, she’s also a model who loves to eat. She promotes eating! She should be celebrated for that! Her Instagram is full of photos of her modeling, but also snapshots of amazing dishes she’s made alone or with her mom and photos with her husband John Legend enjoying meals. Seriously, take a look at these:

Deviled Eggs:

Bacon and butter scalloped potatoes:


Chipotle BBQ Chicken:

How great do all of those dishes look? Chrissy may be a model, but she clearly knows how to enjoy food. I mean, none of us can eat bacon and butter all the time, but we can enjoy it once and a while. Chrissy did a great job responding to the negative comments on her photo, but I think the real solution may be starting a Chrissy Teigen culinary blog and reminding everyone that it’s OK to eat. If it’s anything like what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think she’ll have any haters there!

Images via Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram

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