OK Go’s “Obsession” music video is officially our newest obsession

OK Go is known for their visually stunning music videos. And their newest certainly delivers. OK Go’s music video for “Obsession” is as colorful as music videos get. The last viral video they shot was in zero gravity, so the band knew they had a lot of hype to live up to.

To make the video, the band collaborated with paper company Double A. And they also used 567 printers to produce an ever-changing, multicolored paper backdrop! The video included a lot of printed paper, but OK Go isn’t wasting it just for the video. At the beginning of the video, they start with a message about the paper: “By the time you see this, all the paper will have been recycled, and the proceeds given to Greenpeace.”

They also have advice about how to watch the video on Youtube — because you’re going to want to see the whole thing in all its glory. Check it out in 4140p or 2160p for the best results (you can change the settings in YouTube). With all the colors and designs flying across the screen, it’s a lot of info for the video service to keep track off. Watch it in the wrong settings and you’ll find yourself missing some of the details. Ready to check it out now?

You’re going to be obsessed with OK Go’s “Obsession.”

BTW, though, i’s full of flashing colors. So if you’re susceptible to seizures, the band wants to give you a heads up to be careful.


How amazing was that? Honestly, all of this band’s music videos are so amazing that we can’t even pick a favorite. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

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