It’s OK to admit that AP classes are hard

A wise man once said, “Work hard in silence, let success be the noise.” With constant updates on Instagram and Snapchat, it can be really tempting to live this way, as in only show people the good parts of our lives. For instance, instead of taking a red-faced sweaty selfie post run, most people post photos of their cute tennis shoes and #justdoit. Then, the rest of us feel crummy about how red and sweaty our faces get when we go for a run. So, we take a photo of our tennis shoes and the cycle continues.

But it’s important to talk about when something in life is challenging. AP classes in particular can cause a lot of stress. Rather than pretending that taking AP classes is a piece of cake, embrace the fact that these classes are challenging! That way, you can give yourself the credit you deserve, and, hopefully, relate to those in the same boat as you.

To guide you in this journey, here is some real talk about AP classes via GIFs.

It’s OK to admit that AP classes are hard.

They are technically college-level courses, after all.

You read assignments so carefully, but sometimes when the teacher calls on you, you draw a blank.

That’s perfectly normal! You’re learning a ton of information in a short amount of time.

There are days when your classmates try to discuss course material with you, and you’re just like …

Um, yes, ribonucleic acids. Of course I know what you’re talking about.

The workload in AP classes can be crazy—maybe you’ve taken up occasional stress eating.

It’s been scientifically proven that candy = brain food.

Or maybe you’ve developed a coffee habit.

Because The Scarlet Letter goes down better with a boatload of caffeine.

Practice tests drive you nuts.

How is it possible to get an 8 on an essay one week and then a 3 the next week? What the heck changed?

And there are moments that you doubt any of this information will be useful outside of class.

In superhero movies, no one ever, say, finds a cosine to save the day.

Really, it’s OK to admit AP classes are hard! Give yourself some serious credit for kicking booty.

You don’t have to make it look easy. #nofilter

You are hard-working, smart, and determined. 

Your focus and dedication is incredibly awesome. All of that hard is going to pay off!

If life was an AP class, you would earn yourself a 5 in AP life.

That’s how freaking fantastic you are.

There will always be days where you feel a little lost in class.

It’s human nature.

But you study, you prepare, you highlight, you memorize, you make 500 flashcards.

And you can practically smell the college credit.

You’ve totally got this.

Boom, baby! AP exams got nothing on you.

And if all else fails, here is a motivational penguin.

He believes in you, too.
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