This rad girl genius will be college bound by the time she’s 12

You know how sometimes the word “genius” gets thrown around on the Internet? Like, this cute new way to reuse a mason jar is totally GENIUS? (Don’t worry, we do it too! It’s a good word!)

Well this 10-year-old girl, Ria Cheruvu? She is actually, no kidding, honestly a genius.

Cheruvu is so incredibly smart and accomplished (she’s a pianist and actress in addition to an amazing student) that she’s going to graduate from high school next year (when she’s 11) and start college at Arizona State University, all before she turns 12 years old. That is completely amazing.

“In school currently I’m learning about genetics, in algebra I’m learning about algorithms, in English I’m currently writing an expository essay,” Cheruvu told Fox 10 in Phoenix. Oh, well then. And Cheruvu already knows what she wants to study at Arizona State.

“Neuralcryptography, that is my career choice,” Cheruvu said. “It is the study of neuroscience which is the study of the brain and the mind.” After college, she notes, “I want to kind of prevent disease like Alzheimer’s, maybe, and possibly find an alternative cure.”

But despite all that IQ power, Cheruvu is still a normal kid. “I go on bike rides with my friends, and I love noodles and quesadillas,” she said. And she loves her friends, too. “I think that’s what life is all about, it’s all about connections and just being there for somebody, being their friend, and holding their hand when they need it.” See? That’s genius.

Congrats Ria!

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