OITNB’s very special version of ‘The Night Before Christmas’

Nothing screams “CHRISTMAS!” like a visit to Litchfield Penitentiary, so let’s go ahead and add a little orange to the red and green colors of the season. Though they might be locked up, that doesn’t exclude the ladies inside from a visit from Santa. Even though all of them are firmly planted in the middle of the nice and naughty lists. How does Saint Nick feel about grey areas?

Getting into the holiday spirit, the cast of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black has written their own take on “‘The Night Before Christmas.” For them, it’s just a regular night in Litchfield, with no one stirring — not even a chicken.

Except, out in the yard there arose such a clatter, they sprang from their bunks to see what was the matter. Somehow, Santa managed to land with his eight tiny reindeer, and the ladies aren’t as thrilled about it as say, a bunch of children. None of them want to spend Christmas Eve in the Shu because Santa got them in trouble.

But at least he brought along presents! And then the ladies rough up Saint Nick! Hey, what would you do if some random guy dressed all in red wandered into your prison yard?

All our faves get a few lines of the story, from Red, to Poussey, Taystee, Sophia, and Piper too. Alex even shows up for a split second, so hopefully this means she survived the events at the very end of Season 3. However, Nicky is no where to be seen, because I guess they don’t celebrate Christmas in Max, sad face.

Check out the video below, which is sure to become your new favorite Christmas story.

(Image via Netflix)

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