“Oil slick” hair is the latest trend that’s perfect for brunettes

Multicolored hair streaks aren’t just for blondes and light-haired ladies (and dudes) anymore.  Celebrity colorist Aura Friedman has created a way for us darker-haired gals and guys to add a little pizazz to our locks as well — and it’s about time! The method, called “oil slick” gives darker hair an amazing new look that’s perfect for fall or for sending summer out with a bang.

“I’ve been trying to re-create gasoline or oil when it’s on the ground and it rains,” Friedman told PopSugar. “I find that when you take a dark purple and a dark green and layer them one on top of the other, you end up with this iridescent feeling.”

Rather than just hitting hair with color, Friedman starts with a black base, adding darker color so it seems to peek through. As the name suggests, it looks a bit like an oil slick, and is bound to turn some heads. It’s similar to the Opal trend (another magical creation of Friedman), except it’s perfect for darker hair colors.

Even better, the look is better for your locks than the traditional process for adding colored streaks. Since you’re probably not having to bleach (unless you have super, super dark locks), then your hair won’t get as damaged during the coloring process. Unlike the lighter colors some of our fairer-haired friends might be sporting, the darker color also will last for months rather than weeks before it needs to be touched up. Rad.

Here’s what “oil slick” looks like —beautiful isn’t it?

BRB, I’ve gotta book an appointment with my stylist ASAP.

(Images via Instagram)