Ohio State brilliantly trolled Apple’s “i” glitch at a football game

If you’re an iPhone user, the latest major software update might have ~slightly~ ruined your life. For you lucky Android users (or those of you who have yet to update to iOS 11), an annoying glitch turns lower-case “i” into “A[?]” when we try to text. And Ohio State University football fans trolled Apple’s glitch so brilliantly that it almost makes the bug worth it.

Ohio State faced off against Michigan State on November 11th at Ohio Stadium. When spectators in the bleachers shouted the “O-H-I-O” school chant, those sitting in the “I” section held up a series of signs to form the infamous “A[?].”

How the Buckeyes fans planned and plotted such a massive protest against the glitch, square footage-wise, is completely beyond us. Our best guess is that they must have had a few math majors on their planning committee.

Well done, Buckeyes. Well done.

On November 9th, Apple reported that it fixed the glitch in iOS 11.1.1, so our days of sounding like robots are over. Before the fix, iPhone users were beating the maddening A[?] by going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and plugging in “I” as a shortcut for “i” (UGH). The new fix is a welcomed reprieve.

Funnily enough, CNET reported that on the same day Ohio State pulled their prank, another techie rascal/football fan in Miami protested against Apple and Notre Dame by holding up this sign during the ESPN “College Game Day” broadcast:

LOL. These pranks were definitely the silver lining to this annoying situation.

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