Oh, no big deal, this hotel in Paris just floats on the Seine (and it’s so, so gorgeous)

If the mere idea of planning a trip to Paris immediately transports your head into the clouds, you’ll be relieved to know that you can maintain the wondrous sensation of your fantasies thanks to OFF Paris, a hotel that floats on the Seine River.

Um, can we go now?!

Although posting selfies from this fab boutique hotel with the caption #NBD would give your buddies back home a serious case of travel abroad FOMO, you’d be stretching the truth quite a bit. Judging by the stunning pics of OFFParis, a stay at this place would totally be a big deal.

Located between the Charles De Gaulle Bridge and the Austerlitz viaduct in the 13th arrondissement, OFFParis opened its doors in June.  Rates start at $174 a night, but the views are priceless.


This Silver Designer Suite is calling my name (en Français, of course):


Pretty sure a stay in this glowy orange suite is the key to happiness:

OK guys, I’m all packed for my trip to the City of Lights. Y’all coming with or nah?

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