Oh, the joys of packing for a trip

Hello fellow gigglers! I am am thrilled to share with you that for the month of June, Bianca’s drawing Room will be “on the road,” in LONDON! By chance I won an amazing trip to London, through 1st Class Fashion, and I thought what greater experience than to took my HG fam with me overseas! Together we will be exploring London, checking out cool places to go, the British fashion and so much more!

This week I’m preparing for my trip with what to pack. Unfortunately, like some, I am a last minute packer. In fact, I have waited till the last day to put my things together. But I have compiled a list of what I want to bring, what I should bring, and what I’m going to bring anyway. Of course granny panties is on that list! It’s so easy to want to just be fabulous everyday when you’re traveling like in the movies, but I know London will be wet, so rain gear is a necessity! What would you bring on a trip overseas?