Oh my gosh, there’s a deleted “Beauty and the Beast” character by the name of Monsieur *Toilette*

Welp, the live action Beauty and the Beast film almost featured an enchanted toilette.  This is it. This is the best Beauty and the Beast story we’re ever going hear.

Every Beauty and the Beast fan knows that the Beast’s castle is *filled* with magical household items — so when creating the live action remake of the film, it seems the crew decided to get creative. In addition to iconic characters Lumiere (the candelabra), Cogsworth (the mantel clock), and Mrs. Potts (the teapot), the Disney crew created Cadenza (harpsichord) and even a toilette — which was, unfortunately cut from the film.

In a newly released set of deleted scenes featuring LeFou (Josh Gad), it was revealed that one of Beast’s household staff members had been turned into a toilette.

In a scene in which LeFou is fleeing the fray during the villager’s storming of the Beast’s castle, he encounters Monsieur Toilette:

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A second deleted scene (which has since been removed from the internet, but don’t worry, we’ll share it when we find it again) shows a reunion between LeFou and a human Monsieur Toilette, played by Stephen Merchant. In the scene, the Beast’s household staff — newly human again — are reunited with the rest of the townspeople, as Toilette stands dumbfounded. Smelling his one-time enemy, LeFou asks Toilette, what’s next.

“I’m going to brush my teeth,” Toilette responds. Very practical.

The incredibly funny Merchant cameo was ultimately cut for time, but Luke Evans revealed to People that he *loved* the bit. Doing a joint interview with Gad for the mag, Evans told Gad that he missed the scene in the final cut of the film.

“What I miss, which we shot and is not in the film, is you having a fight with the toilet, He said.

While we’re devastated that a brilliant performance by Merchant ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor — it probably makes sense that the character was cut, after all, some footage always winds up down the drain during these films.

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