Let us rejoice: Ofra Cosmetics is joining the Ulta Beauty lineup

It’s a beautiful day when an online beauty company that’s reached cult status graces us with their products in a slightly more convenient shopping form — by being available in an even bigger online store. And that’s exactly what Ofra Cosmetics did by joining forces with Ulta Beauty. Now it’ll be even easier and more convenient than ever to pick up your Ofra faves!

Not only is being able to shop Ofra at Ulta insanely convenient, but you’ll be able to use your Ulta points on Ofra products! And it seems like it’ll only be a matter of time before Ofra products are also in actual brick-and-mortar stores, but we’ll have to wait on that a bit longer.

A wide range of Ofra Cosmetics products will be available online at Ulta Beauty starting April 9th.

Ofra Cosmetics made a name for themselves with their gorgeous liquid lipsticks, but they’ve quickly expanded their brand to include all kinds of gorgeous makeup products.

They’ve even partnered with some of the most powerful beauty vloggers out there, like NikkieTutorials on their gorgeous lip and highlighter kit!

The kit was so popular that it’s currently sold out and awaiting a restock!

Are you as excited about easier access to their lipsticks as we are? You really can’t beat the gorgeous shades or the quality of the lipstick!

There’s only a few more days left to wait before we can get our hands on all the Ofra products our hearts desire — with their powers combined there will be no force strong enough to keep us from our beloved makeup!

Whether it be eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, or lipsticks that set your soul aflame, Ofra has made it that much easier for you to access their products, and we are so happy for them, as well as ourselves! Their expansion to Ulta can only mean that the brand is doing wonderfully and that they’ll be able to access a wider audience of beauty fanatics that are ready to try out all their gorgeous wares. We are all winners, here!

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