Offset said he misses Cardi B on Twitter—while Cardi rapped about getting a divorce

It’s starting to look as though Cardi B and Offset aren’t exactly on the same page about their breakup. In fact, they seem to be in two different books altogether. Mere days after Cardi B announced their split, Offset took to Twitter to voice his regrets…while Cardi rapped about their imminent divorce. In a since-deleted December 5th Instagram video, Cardi B told followers that she and Offset had called it quits. She said that things hadn’t been working between them for a long time and that it was time to go their separate ways.

Some fans thought Cardi’s video and breakup was a publicity stunt to promote Offset’s new album, dropping December 14th.

"I really don't like how people say my and my husband—whatever he is right now to me—is doing it for publicity," Cardi said in a December 9th Instagram Live video per E! News. "I wouldn't put my family in a bad name for no f--king publicity, 'cause at the end of the day, ten years from now, my daughter, she's gonna be looking at these type of things and she's gonna be asking me about these type of things."

That same day, Offset—who had previously been quiet about the split—broke his silence via Twitter.

However, just hours before that, Cardi altered a verse in “Motorsport” while performing at Jingle Ball in Chicago. She switched the original lyrics, “I get up set off/ I turn Offset on/ I told him the other day/ Man, we should sell that porn” to “I told him the other day/ We should get a divorce.”


We’re wishing both Cardi and Offset the best—in whatever they decide to do moving forward.

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