The votes are in. This is officially the worst candy ever

It’s hard to believe that there’s such a thing as “bad candy.” But then, when you really think about it, a candy hierarchy exists. That’s why you probably traded for “the best” candy after you and your friends went trick-or-treating. Why you secretly felt sad when your sibling scored fifteen bags of Skittles and you ended up with a bunch of those non-chocolate Tootsie Rolls. Let’s face it —all candy is equal, but some candy is more equal than others.

Since Halloween is RIGHT around the corner (no, really, it’s on Saturday), Yahoo Food conducted a survey to figure out which candy is the worst of the worst. The winner (loser?): licorice. 18% of people dislike both red and black varieties of this chewy treat. That means that it beat out candy corn, but not by much. 13% of voters said that they couldn’t stand this tiny, bright sweet. 13% of individuals also said that they despise raisins (which are definitely not candy, so not sure how that ended up in the survey tbh). In last place was fruit (also not candy, what is going on guys), with a total of 9%.

On the plus side, everyone’s favorite candy is – spooky drum roll, please – peanut butter cups! 21% voted for this delicious morsel, while Snickers earned 16% in 2nd place. The bottom three were M&M’S, chocolate bars, and Kit Kats. So, overall, chocolate came out on top!

Unsurprisingly, healthy snacks aren’t very popular to give out, either. Only 16% of respondents said that they’ll be handing out healthy snacks. 95% of voters disagree, saying that they’re pro-candy all the way.

As for us, we’re just excited to look at our calendars and see that All Hallows’ Eve is almost here!

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