We officially have Starbucks emojis, because you can never have too much coffee

When you don’t feel like thinking of words to type in response to a text, you send emojis. Because emojis mean never needing to think of words. But what if you want to convey how much you desperately need/want/can’t live without coffee? You know, the most important liquid in the universe aside from water? Aside from that one super boring coffee cup emoji, you have to do it with actual words.

Until now!

Starbucks has finally released official emojis, because they clearly understand that we need them in our lives. The Starbucks emoji keyboard is available for download, and it’s free! So really the only thing stopping you from sending endless coffee emojis is downloading the app.

We’re going to walk you through those steps, because we care about you and coffee.

1. Download the Starbucks emoji keyboard.


You’ve probably downloaded apps before, but just in case you need a refresher — go to the iTunes app store, type in “Starbucks keyboard” and press “GET.”

2. Add the new keyboard in settings.



Done? Perfect. We’re almost there!

3. Turn on “Allow Full Access,” or else the emojis won’t work.


4. Now you have access to the Starbucks emoji keyboard forever!


But don’t worry — your other keyboards are still there, ready for you to use (just in case you don’t feel like using coffee to describe your feelings all the time).

5. Send them to your friends and watch their excitement build.