This is officially your new favorite couple to ship on “Game of Thrones”

Daenerys Targaryen has a lot on her plate at the moment: Meereen is on fire, she just acquired a bunch of ships — some of which may be a lil’ scorched, she now has a huge Dothraki army, and she needs to figure out how to sale across to Westeros and take the Iron Throne. So, she’s probably not really thinking about dating anyone at the moment (except maybe Daario, her sometimes boy toy). But the internet can’t help but collectively ship the connection she and Yara Greyjoy had in Sunday’s episode of “Battle of the Bastards.”


After listening to their evil Uncle Euron claim that he’s going to marry Dany and take Westeros with HER dragons, Yara decided to take the ships from the Iron Island and flee before he killed them both. The two finally make it to Meereen and this is where our two powerhouses meet. Yara explains to Dany that all she wants is to rule the Iron Island and she can’t right now because everyone is like “booo, a woman can’t rule, booo.”

If there’s one thing Dany can relate to, it’s the treatment of men who don’t think a woman can rule.


Dany asks Theon and Yara why she can’t just wait for Euron to come with more ships, and that’s when Yara tells her that he wants to marry her, and then kill her once he has what he wants.

“Euron’s offer is also an offer of marriage. You won’t get one without the other,” Yara says.

“And I imagine your offer is free of marriage demands?” Dany replies.

“I never demand, but I’m up for anything really,” Yara jokes (more like FLIRTS though, right? RIGHT?)

Here’s Dany’s face after Yara delivers that line:


I will leave it up to you to decide whether Dany looks ~into it~ or not. (She does, she totally does.)

The two agree that they will leave Westeros a much better place than their terrible fathers did — and they shake on it. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL UNION.

Here’s how Twitter responded to this moment: false false false false false false

And we’re not alone in our fangirling. Emilia Clarke (who plays Dany) even thinks there’s something going on between them, too. In a behind-the-scenes video, Clarke says:

“There’s mild flirtation, which is exciting to say the least. I mean, get rid of Daario bring on the ladies. Why not?”

Hey, Yara + Dany shippers, you never know.

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