We’re officially losing it over Jennifer Lawrence’s super understated white skirt and blazer look

It was just yesterday that Jennifer Lawrence looked like a casual Disney princess in a semi-sheer skirt and sky blue sweater combo, and now we’re losing our minds over another inspired, low-key outfit! How does she always look so chill and amazing?

Swapping out blue for white, J-Law wore a white skirt and matching blazer (with a simple black camisole) to a photo event in Spain for Passengers last night. The chic simplicity is epic.

She looks both comfortable and super-stylish. Take a look!


And check out these shoes! We love the super understated addition of funkiness.


And that let’s not forget the subtle bling on her finger.


Also, we love, love, LOVE how J-Law chose to let her hair down (literally) for this event, because her golden locks look gorgeous when they’re given free reign to fall across her shoulders (they look gorgeous all the time, but especially now).

And did you notice how understated her makeup is?  This girl is good vibes all round and we’re soaking up every moment.

Obviously, we can’t wait for more of her promo event outfits, and by the time those are over…it will be time to actually see Passengers! Yeah, we’ve been waiting for this one. J-Law…Chris Pratt…sci-fi…romance…CAN IT JUST BE NOW ALREADY?!