This place officially has the best pizza in America, so let’s plan a road trip

Get in the car, everyone. We’re going for pizza.

Where to this time? New Haven, Connecticut. We’ve gotta go get a slice of pizza Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. That name might be a mouthful, but according to The Daily Meal, it’s totally worth it.

The Daily Meal complied a list of the 101 best pizza places in the country. While you’d think the top spot would go to someplace in New York City or even Chicago, instead, it went to New England. The Daily Meal knows that there are a ton of other “best pizza” lists out there, so they wanted to rank theirs a little bit differently. As they write, they are defining the “perfect pizza” as:

With this guideline, they then visited 800 different pizza places around the country and narrowed their final list down to 101. With Frank Pepe holding the top spot. Specifically, The Daily Meal’s favorite pizza is the white clam pizza, with clams, grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, olive oil, garlic, oregano. Don’t worry, they also make delicious plain cheese pizzas, which is really what we’re road trippin’ for.

Frank Pepe has been open for an astonishing 90 years and is actually one of the longest-running pizza parlors in the country. Clearly, these pizza masters know what they’re doing. Just get there early, because usually there’s a line out the door and wrapping around the block.

So, I’ll pick everyone up in about an hour, OK? We’ve got a date with destiny pizza.

(Image via Instagram.)