It’s official: Kat Von D Beauty is releasing a special Metal Crush Extreme highlighter

We’ve been hearing buzz about the impending Kat Von D Beauty 10th Anniversary Collection for a while now, and it seems like anticipation is ramping up to a fever pitch. We’re even more excited now that it’s been confirmed that the Kat Von D Beauty Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter is officially being released in a brand new, extra special formula.

We’ve been catching glimpses of this luminous new highlighter on social media, and it has a gorgeous, radiant shine. It’s a brand new shade that was specially formulated for the KVDB Anniversary Collection, and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen from the brand.

Kat and her team know highlighters, especially with their knowledge of holographic shades and cruelty-free, high-impact formulas. If anyone is going to deliver a revolutionary, gorgeous new highlighter, Kat Von D Beauty.

Of course, this confirmation has us desperately wondering what else will be coming our way in the Anniversary Collection. We’ve gotten a few sneak peeks at the artwork, including a special makeup case, and we are wondering if this new highlighter has anything to do with a mysterious Metal Crush highlighter palette Kat has been teasing for a few weeks now.

We can only assume the Kat Von D Beauty Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter will be released soon.

We know the 10th Anniversary Collection is launching fairly soon, so it’s only a matter of time before we have an official date.

Kat’s been spotted a couple times wearing this highlighter, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Look at that vibrancy, it’s seriously next level.

The icy, frosty shade of the Kat Von D Beauty Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter will be perfect for our winter snow queen looks.

And we haven’t forgotten about this palette either. Is that also part of the Anniversary Collection? Will it feature this mysterious new shade as well?

So many questions that can only be answered when Kat Von D takes mercy on us. One thing’s for sure, she’s got our attention and we will be waiting with bated breath to find out more.

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