Not a drill: there’s now an official “Gilmore Girls” Instagram

This. Is. Happening. We’re another huge step closer to having Gilmore Girls back in our lives. The Netflix revival now has an ~OFFICIAL~ Instagram page.


And yes, my proudest moment in life (so far) is that one time I was the fourth person to follow the ~OFFICIAL~ Gilmore Girls Instagram This is my new claim to fame.


As you can tell from the above pictures, the account has only posted once. But it’s a really good picture.

There’s that magical phrase again: “COMING SOON”


If you’re curious, the show doesn’t have an official Twitter page yet. Trust me, I looked. I looked through every single account that the Netflix Twitter is currently following, and there’s no trace of Lorelai or Rory in there. The’ll be a Twitter eventually, don’t worry. There has to be. In this case, though, the Instagram just came first. Netflix, as always, works in mysterious ways.

If your fingers can barely contain themselves with the possibility of scrolling through endless pictures of the Gilmore clan, you can follow the Instagram here. Seeing as how they’re about to gain roughly a billion more followers, chances are good that they’ll start posting a lot more images. We need them, like we need our coffee coffee coffee.

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