NBC might reboot “The Office,” and this is absolutely NOT A DRILL

Stop what you’re doing. Stop it. Put it down. Listen to me: NBC is in the very early stages of rebooting The Office. This is not a drill. This is not a dream. This isn’t even close to an April Fool’s prank. This is 100% real, and we’re here to tell you that Office 2.0 is very close to happening.

Screams x forever and infinity.

According to TVLine, who first got wind of the news, NBC is really thinking long and hard about bringing The Office back. They’ve been thinking about bringing it back for a while now, actually. And, per TVLine, NBC sees how well the Will & Grace revival is doing, and they’re itching to bring back more Must See TV — and they want to bring it to audiences soon. Like, next year soon. As in, The Office will be back for the fall 2018 television season.

Has 2017 been saved? Is this the first sure sign that 2018 will be better?

Obviously, you’re wondering if the best regional manager Dunder Mifflin has ever seen will be back. The answer is no. While Steve Carell might love to joke about an Office revival, it’s not expected that he’ll return to the show (that doesn’t mean he won’t show up, though…). Supposedly, the casting search is already underway to find a new World’s Best Boss.

However, though Carell isn’t returning, some other familiar faces might. The show is looking to be a mix of old and new employees around the office, and will once again be set in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Let’s be real, we all know that Stanley is still sitting at his desk, enjoying (?) his same routine, waiting for Pretzel Day to roll around.

NBC has not commended on this news, and politely declined to TVLine to even confirm that this is a thing that’s happening. But come on, we all know this is going to happen, because we’ve been wishing and hoping for it since the show went off the air in 2013. Better start polishing your Dundies.