It appears at least *two* original “The Office” cast members want to return for the reboot

In a world where almost every beloved TV show is getting a revival, the one we’re maybe most hopeful for is NBC’s The Officeand it might actually be coming back! The revival is in very early stages, but is a possibility ~for sure~. Once cast members get on-board, it’ll feel really real. And it looks like we’re taking a step in the right direction because, following reports of a reboot, at least two cast members said they were in for more Office.

Angela Kinsey, who played head accountant Angela for all 9 seasons of The Office, announced her interest on Twitter

Angela ruled the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Party Planning Committee with an iron fist, and we’d be *thrilled* to have her back. Kinsey is BFFs IRL with former costar Jenna Fischer, who of course played Pam Halpert (née Beesly), so you might think that the two of them have been discussing the reboot all along, but it appears that’s not the case (at least, not that we know of).

Rather, Creed Bratton apparently wants an Office reboot so bad, he can’t stop blowing up Kinsey’s phone over it. Why is this so amazing?

For real, NBC. You ended The Office on such a good note…Why not drop in for a follow-up? Maybe a “Where Are They Now” mini-series? A limited event? Hmm, maybe we should stop. Dwight definitely wouldn’t advise giving away ideas for free.

If we don’t get an Office reboot for real, at least we know the cast still loves each other.

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak are as tight as ever, and writer Michael Schur makes sure to include former cast members like Oscar Nunez on his other shows when given the opportunity. It’s Fischer and Kinsey who have the cutest relationship off-screen, though. They hang out and bond and are adorable together. They also post about it on social media all the time.

For example:

It only takes two to make it a reunion — thank you Kinsey and Bratton! — but a full-on Office reboot would make all of our holiday wishes come true. Until that day comes, we’ll be here, drinking OJ from our World’s Best Fan mug and waiting for Pretzel Day.

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