All the things I feel too old for at 26

Like all great things, parts of our lives must come to an end. As I stare down my 26th birthday this month, I am reminded of all the things that I have seen come and go in my life; for the things that have once played major roles and have now gone to the great beyond. Yes, my friends. It is time to realize that we must celebrate the major cornerstones of our high school, college and first year post-grad. We must celebrate and say farewell to the building blocks of our transformative years and look towards our future.

Adios, student discounts 

You were a beautiful moment in time. It was a time when I thought something was too expensive until I saw your rate and was able to say “LET’S DO THIS THING!” You allowed me so many experiences and so many cheaper evenings out. You made the expensive inexpensive and the inexpensive practically free. You let me stroll through halls of priceless art and allowed me to get that amazing sweater from the J. crew outlet. I’ll never forget you and the fun we had.I miss you, student discount.

Buying all my clothes at Forever 21

Oh, don’t worry. There isn’t a chance that I’m going to give up the fun, sparkly, cheap things at Forever 21 that easily. But the time has come to admit that it’s hard to find a work appropriate outfit that’s made of cat-printed spandex. I’ll stare longingly at your displays as I buy “staple pieces” and frown at my receipt for six items when I would have bought 12 from your store. My wallet shall miss you!

Partying like I did in college

They warn you all along, and it is true: The partying catches up to you. No longer am I able to drink all night and wake up the next morning ready to workout and run all 14 of my errands. No longer am I able to sleep until 11 and then wake up in time for class on a Tuesday. Now, I need over a day to recover, I need antioxidants and vitamins, I need a salad, a bed and 14 hours of Netflix. Good riddance to hangovers, hello to more sensible adult decisions.

Pulling all-nighters

Waiting to get my work done, whether it be for grad school or for my career, is no longer an option.I’m sorry that I need more than 45 minutes of sleep these days, but it’s true. All-nighters are just not as possible, and I don’t really miss them.

Spring break

It’s too bad that we don’t have a nationally mandated spring break week, because office workers could really use it. Farewell to that blissful college spring break. But also? Now that I’m out of college, I can use my vacation when I want and go to the beach whenever.

So long, my all-takeout diet

Because my health is now more important and I’m adulting hard, no longer can I claim to only know how to make grilled cheese, cereal and ramen noodles. Now I consult  cookbooks, burn a few dishes by accident and come out of the kitchen sometimes looking like Hermione in Potions year six. I am grateful for this new skill, but wish I could serve Cheetos and turkey sandwiches to everyone who comes through my door.

For all of these things that made up my adolescence and early 20s, I bid you farewell as I usher in my mid-twenties. Maybe these years will have less Taco Bell and Senor Frog’s in them, but they’ll also be filled with people who matter and listening to my body. There are some things you’ll never be too old for, but there are some things that I’m happy to be long past caring about.

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