Ode to peanut butter, world’s most perfect food

Dear Peanut Butter,

It has been said that some things get better with age. It has also been said that true love stands the test of time. Both of these sayings are about you, aren’t they, Peanut Butter? Every year I get older, but my love for you never fades.

It’s true that you are a staple in the diets of many children. Spread between two pieces of bread and accompanied by your good friend Jelly (or Jam, when you are feeling chic), you certainly know how to please the kids. But the need for you in sandwich form doesn’t end when one graduates from elementary school. I still eat PB&Js all the time as an adult. My bread choices have evolved from those square pieces of white bread that I had as a kid to the multi-grain kind I prefer as an adult; I’ve expanded my fruit spread repertoire to include more than just grape or strawberry; and the milk I drink with my sandwich tends to be organic these days. But as for you, Peanut Butter – my main ingredient – you are unchanging. I still buy the same brand that I enjoyed as a little one.

Like painting, sculpture, and other art mediums, you allow for full range of creative expression. I’ve known people who enjoy their PB sandwiches with honey, some who prefer bananas, and others who choose marshmallow crème. Many people prefer you on toast, others in a fried sandwich, and a few even include you as a topping on burgers. You bring out the artist in each of us, Peanut Butter! Thanks for that.

While your collaborative nature enables you to get along well with so many foods, one of your most impressive partnerships is with a certain sweet treat. Yes, I am referring to Chocolate. Oh, Peanut Butter – you play so nicely with Chocolate. It is a joy to experience your mutual friendship!

Once I had an amazing boyfriend who made me chocolate peanut butter cups for Valentine’s Day. I later married this guy. This begs for the question to be asked: did I marry him because he made me chocolate peanut butter cups?! Well, no. I married him because he is the most wonderful person and because I love him tremendously. But that being said, did those homemade chocolate peanut butter desserts unequivocally sweeten the deal (pun intended)? ABSOLUTELY. My love grew for him (and for you) all the more that day.

Even though you and I are old friends, Peanut Butter, I still learn new things about you. For example, I recently learned that you were originally marketed as a way for people without teeth to still get protein. It’s that type of consideration of others that just makes me appreciate you even more.

Whether you are in a sandwich, on toast, in candies, or in dessert – you are undeniably delicious. And whether you are in the hands of seven-year-old or a ninety-seven-year-old, you are beloved by so many. Including me. So thank you, Peanut Butter. I’ll never forget you.


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