7 Times We Fell Hard For Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate is not your cookie-cutter comedy goddess. Her first foray into the spotlight was on the 2009-2010 season of Saturday Night Live, where she infamously dropped on F-bomb in a sketch with Kristen Wiig (let’s not forget…the show is indeed LIVE). She won our hearts, if not the censors’. But the resilient Slate saw a door to greatness where others might have seen a wall.

Slate has since graced the screen of some of our favorite shows and kept us laughing along the way. To celebrate her independent style of comedy, let’s run through some of her greatest hits and hidden gems, including her newest work, the upcoming film, Obvious Child.

1. Bored to Death
Even while still on SNL, she started to her journey of being super cool as Stella on Bored to Death. Opposite the lovable Jason Schwartzman, their courtship was totally adorable and earned viewers’ avid attention.

2. Marcel The Shell with Shoes On
It all changed for Slate when she completely dazzled the Internet as Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. The light, mini-mockumentary, which now has over 22 million YouTube views, features Marcel describing how he gets by as a shell (Spoiler alert: He uses a lentil as a hat). Slate not only wrote the video with help from her husband, Dean Fleischer-Camp, but also morphed her voice into the cute cadence of an imagined shell.

3. Girls
Keeping the streak alive, Slate was amazing in season one of Girls as the ultimate writer frenemey. She played Tally Schifrin, an irritatingly funny, old college friend flaunting her success, much to Hannah’s dismay.

4. The Kroll Show
How can you resist Slate as Liz B in The Kroll Show‘s recurring PubLIZity sketch? The E! reality show parody is as hilarious as it is true to the formula — a speedy channel changer might think it was a real show. Alongside Nick Kroll as Liz G, fans know this sketch is one of the show’s biggest hits.

5. Parks and Recreation
Slate absolutely kills it on Parks and Rec. Beside Hello Giggles bestie Ben Schwartz‘s stellar Jean-Ralphio, Slate plays his twin sister Mona-Lisa (the two also shared the screen on House of Lies). Along with Henry Winkler as the head of the Saperstein faimly, they spew nothing but spot-on quips and random sing-alongs, making one of the best comedies on television that much better.

6. Bob’s Burgers
In season two, Slate guested as Tammy. Her character ruffled Tina‘s feathers, but proved that Slate, the actress, can take on the cartoon world.

7. Obvious Child
Next up for the talented Slate is Obvious Child, a brand new movie proudly labeling itself an “abortion rom com.” It’s a brave storyline and a huge starring role for Slate.

See what one year on SNL can get you? It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a second chance and sense of humor. Slate is straight dominating all that is good in entertainment and it’s a pleasure to watch. We love you Jenny. Don’t ever change!

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