An ode to the aesthetic of the glorious pink holiday known as Valentine’s Day

Whenever Valentine’s Day comes around, I get really excited. Not because I’m a hopeless romantic (THOUGH I AM VERY romantique) but because I love the ~aesthetic~ of Valentine’s Day. As goth as I am, I can’t deny the visual beauty that occurs everywhere on the 14th of February. Give me all your reds, your pinks, your heart-shaped everythings.

When I was a single gal, Valentine’s Day never made me groan. Even if I was spending it with just a heart-shaped pepperoni pizza and a long night of Netflixing, it was still me celebrating the act of self love — aka the greatest love of all. Plus, as someone who is obsessed with all things pink (as well as red), Valentine’s Day seems more like a celebration of my favorite colors than a holiday for romantic relationships. Hello, it’s the only time of year when I can stock up on ALL of the cute, pink, heart-themed objects!

Here are some specific things about Valentine’s Day that give me heart-eyes.

1Valentine’s Day-themed items

While many of us can appreciate a nice Target haul any regular day of the year, it has specifically been my go-to during Valentine’s Day. For years, they have come out with sweet V-day collections that transform everyday necessities like bath towels and kitchen plates into a red and pink paradise.

I’m totally going to bring my lunch in one of these Valentine’s Day-themed Pyrex containers.

2Valentine’s Day makeup collections

As the HelloGiggles Beauty Editor, I’m always updated on new makeup launches — which includes the super cute Valentine’s Day collections many of our fave brands put out. I mean, have you SEEN the Sugarpill one? Be still my heart.

3A magical place known as the Madonna Inn

The Madonna Inn, a themed hotel located in San Luis Obispo, California, has been my safe haven for years. I have spent many wild nights organizing photoshoots there just so my friends and I could sartorially live out our fantasies of paying homage to Marie Antoinette (the Sofia Coppola version). With its Pepto Bismol-pink steakhouse and cotton candy-colored themed rooms, you pretty much feel like the hotel is down with celebrating Valentine’s year-round. However, they go ALL OUT for the actual day. As if you thought the Madonna Inn couldn’t get any pinker.

4Vintage Valentine’s items

Vintage collectors cannot deny how CUTE retro Valentine’s items are, whether they’re actual Valentine cards or old kitchenware.

5Valentine’s Day treats

One of the best things about V-day? All the dessert and candy, of course. Not only are there mega sales on candy after the 14th, there’s just TONS of breathtakingly gorgeous desserts to look at, too.


If you’re a V-day hater, I hope you spend the day treating yo’ self any way you can. And if you’re a lover of Love Day, I hope you stock up on all the red and pink junk your heart desires.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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