19 oddly satisfying images that’ll soothe your soul

There are few things in life that have the power to soothe your soul merely by looking at them. Among those are flowers, the ocean, your dog, well-done typography, snow-capped mountains, your best friend, your crush… and the following images. Take a break and enjoy these soothing images of things that perfectly fit into other things; your soul (and your mind!) will thank you.

1. This hedgehog that fits perfectly in the cylinder used to weigh him.

2. This bowl and cantaloupe.

[imgur url=http://i.imgur.com/aHk1nZW.jpg]

3. This trailer full of beer.

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4. This cap and bottle.

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5. This waffle and coffee cup.

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6. This perfectly-fitted Goldfish.

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7. This waffle on a plate.

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8. This unlikely combo.

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9. This bathtub drain.

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10. This drink and container.

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11. Wait for it.

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12. This sectional.

13. This shadow that could be in a coloring book.

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14. This perfect way of storing quarters.

[imgur url=http://i.imgur.com/QsLjCn9.jpg]

15. These USB ports.

The only true satisfaction you’ll ever get

(Click through to see them all.)

16. This bookshelf.

Something about this is just so calming.

Just like Tetris!

17. This made-for-delivery-pizza microwave.

The way pizza boxes fit in my microwave

18. This haul of firewood.

MRW it goes straight in

19. And this sequence of events.


Ahhhh, so soothing.

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