Octavia Spencer tells Stephen Colbert about her journey from Alabama girl to Oscar winner

Octavia Spencer is from Montgomery, Alabama, but you wouldn’t know that from her accent. While she has completely transformed during her time as an actress, she definitely still appreciates her roots.

Stephen Colbert is also from the south, so when the actress stopped by The Late Show, the two discussed their accents and what it was like during Octavia’s early career.

“When you work you have an accent but in your real life you don’t,” Stephen pointed out. “That’s way more complex than I can understand.”

“I’m more relaxed and I think it comes out,” she explained. Which is interesting, because it wasn’t always a relaxing experience. In fact, in between being in Alabama and winning an Oscar, Octavia had some ups and downs.

When she left Montgomery, she had a TV, $3,000, and a laundry basket filled with her clothes. She took on roles, more often than not as nurses, before she had her big break.

Now, she’s the respected actress we love, and is living proof that in order to pursue your dreams, you have to go out on a limb and work hard, and most importantly, never forget where you came from.