Octavia Spencer Apologized to Britney Spears for Her Engagement Comment

"My intention was to make them laugh not cause pain."

When Britney Spears and Sam Asghari announced their engagement on September 12th, Octavia Spencer left a comment that, well, said what a lot of people were thinking. “Make him sign a prenup,” she wrote on Spears’ post, and her comment garnered tens of thousands of likes. But now she’s apologizing and clarifying, and thankfully, there are no hard feelings.

“Y’all, a few days ago Sam and Britney announced their engagement and me being me I made a joke,” Spencer wrote in a September 15th Instagram post. “My intention was to make them laugh not cause pain.”

She continued, “I’ve reached out to this lovely couple privately to apologize and now want to restore just a smidge of happiness they were robbed of. Britney’s fans have seen her through a lot of pain and she’s found happiness. We’re thrilled for her. So let’s show them love.” She then used the hashtag #nonegativity.

Spears has deactivated her Instagram as of September 14th, but Asghari chimed in in the comments section of Spencer’s post. “You are very kind to clarify but I have no hard feelings whatsoever,” he wrote. “Jokes and misconceptions come with the territory.”

In fact, Asghari leaned into Spencer’s joke earlier this week in his Instagram Stories. “Thank you everyone who is concerned about the prenup,” he wrote. “Of course we’re getting [an] iron clad prenup to protect my jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day.”

sam asghari story

Many in the comments of Spencer’s post aren’t finding fault in her wish for Spears to get a prenup having just battled her way out of a decades-long conservatorship. “She does need a PRENUP joke or not,” Tami Roman commented. “Nice of you to apologize, real class act!”

“As a person who lost everything bc I didn’t have a prenup, that was the first thought that came to my mind but that was gracious of you to reach out to them,” Sherri Shepherd wrote, adding, “(still get a prenup girl).”

We’re all feeling a bit protective over Spears these days, so we can’t fault Spencer for voicing her opinion. The fact that she apologized, though, truly shows she cares about Spears and has her best interest in mind.

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