The ‘O.C.’ mansion can be yours — for $6.25 million

Time to start pooling our money together, friends. Have you ever dreamed of living in the house from The O.C.? Well, now you can! Sing it with me, Cohen house, here we cooooooooome.

The McMansion that serves as the exterior location for the Cohens’ house is up on the market right now. The six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home can be yours for a measly $6.25 million. So basically pocket change. But if we combine all our paychecks for the next 35 years, we can all claim stake to the mansion, and live in it together, and throw crazy Chrismukkuh parties. Sound good?

There are two other things about the house you should know. For one, it’s not exactly located in Newport Beach. Instead, this house can be found in Malibu — and remember, only the outside shots of the house were filmed here. The inside was filmed on sound stages. So inside you will not find the real Cohen kitchen — unless you really take this house to the next level and completely re-do everything inside to match The O.C., which is actually the first thing we’re gonna do.

Second thing we’re going to do? Build a pool house. This McMansion does not come with a pool house, and that is a crying shame. How are we supposed to take in troubled youth if we don’t have a pool house for them to stay in??

Even without the pool house, everything else is perfect. Situated on four acres of land, the house overlooks the ocean and does come with a pool. Inside we’ve also got space for a home office, and a library where we will store our comic book collection.

Does all this sound amazing? Awesome. Because we’re all moving in. Keep saving up those pennies, friends. Soon The O.C. house will be ours. Ryan, Seth, and Summer all have standing invitations to come over whenever

(Image via Fox.)