All the stages of getting obsessed with a new band

Falling in love with a band for the first time is right up there with falling in love with a real live human. You get excited and overwhelmed and sometimes you feel like your heart is going to beat right out of your chest. After all, love is love and when you come across an album you just can’t stop listening to it can often feel like the emotional equivalent of finding the perfect mate.

Sometimes the music finds you and other times you go out and find the music, but in any case there are certain things you will endure that can bring you from “just looking” to “all in.” It happens quickly! It may sound dramatic, but think back to when you first fell hard for a band or singer. At that time it probably felt like the entire world was standing still. Here are all the stages of getting really into a new band.

Getting your hands on every song possible

So, you discovered a new band and you are head over heels, but wait — you have so much to catch up on! Suddenly that one song you heard has spiraled into an iTunes listening party and your fingers can’t seem to download those tunes fast enough. You’re dodging from Wikipedia to Reddit trying desperately to uncover all the B-sides, hidden tracks, and un-released songs and at some point your brain feels like it could explode. If only you could listen to them simultaneously.

Spending countless hours memorizing lyrics and track listings

Your next task is to learn every word to each song, even the ones you don’t love as much as the others. On top of that you need to learn the tracking listing of every album, so you can keep up with all the other fans as you begin to have deep conversations about each song meaning. At the rate you’re going this will likely take a day or less to accomplish.

Floating through the YouTube abyss

It wouldn’t be an obsession if you didn’t spend countless hours on YouTube watching interview after interview. Within a 24 hour span it is very possible that you will know the entire history of your new favorite group and from there you could create a documentary … or two … maybe three. And, music videos? Please, you had that covered before someone even suggested the term Vevo.

Telling everyone you encounter that they just HAVE TO listen to this song.

Possibly the biggest hurdle to overcome when swooning over new music is the constant urge to tell everyone and their pets about your new found obsession. You may find yourself interrupting important conversations if even one word reminds you of their song. Or perhaps you have been guilty of emailing your friends with a flurry of links to videos and live concert footage in the vain hope that they too will fall victim of music’s spell.

Filling every online shopping cart with merch.

Now that you have committed to loving this new band or artist forever it is high time you locate all possible merchandise and buy it immediately. You soon realize your bank account has other plans so you debate over which items are most necessary and plant your butt down in front of the mailbox for the next week.

Scouring the internet for concert tickets.

You simply must see and hear this music IRL, and thus the concert ticket search begins. If you are behind in the times you may have already missed the ticket sale date, in which case you’re going to have to stop and breathe for ten minutes before hitting the internet for a seller. And, even though you know better than to pay double the price for a ticket, your heart is speaking another language. All of a sudden a few hundred bucks seems like pennies. If luck is on your side and tickets have yet to go on sale you wait ever so patiently before hitting refresh every five seconds the day tickets go on pre-sale.

Dreaming your way to fandom.

If you spend your days with their music on loop and have covered your desktop and phone with inspirational lyrics, it will come as no surprise when the music finds its way into your dreams. The details of your dreams may be skewed, but when your subconscious is filled with catchy melodies and admiration there is no way you can fight the urge to dream about facing the music, literally.

You begin to dabble in fan fiction. 

This one is for the diehards and boy, does it draw a crowd. The next best thing to dreaming about how much you adore a new band is by putting your thoughts on paper. You may find yourself writing a story that you never knew lived inside you. Own it! Your love for music knows no bounds.

And finally, slowing down enough to truly enjoy the music.

Once your nerves have calmed and your heart has caught up to your head you will finally be able to sit down and truly listen to your favorite band — while you hold your concert ticket, wearing your t-shirt as you type away on your fan fiction. Of course