We’re actually obsessed with this fun Michelle Obama ringtone

It’s been a really long time since ringtones were a thing. I mean, they still exist, but not that many people use them — most of us have our phones on vibrate all the time, and if not, we usually just use the default tones that come with our smartphones. But that’s likely all about to change, thanks to…Michelle Obama?

Yup, there is now a ringtone going around from a chat the First Lady had with Oprah Winfrey (of course) about women’s empowerment, during which she offered some important (yet simple) advice for men. That advice was simply to “be better. Just be better.”

Zak Griffler, a filmmaker based in New York City, took Michelle Obama’s words and set them to what he’s calling an “Obamabeat” to create what is now known as “Be Better: The Ringtone” (featuring Oprah Winfrey, of course).

The full “lyrics” to the ringtone are:

It also comes with this cover art:


To be honest, it’s fun, catchy and an important message?  — who wouldn’t want to download it?

You can watch the full conversation between Michelle Obama and Oprah here:

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