We’re obsessed with this makeup artist’s “Lizzie Mcguire” and “iCarly”-inspired eyeshadow

Talk to any child of the ’90s and one thing is sure to come up: television. The golden age of TV for us ’90s children was in the early aughts, when shows featured crazy fashion, psychics, teenagers shopping for bras and fairy godparents that were more odd than anything else. Shows like Lizzie McGuire and iCarly helped to cement our love for fashion and the internet, among other things. And years later these iconic shows are still serving as major inspiration. Just take Gabriela Greer, who’s created makeup looks inspired by her favorite early 2000 shows. The results are bold, nostalgic and would totally be Disney and Nickelodeon-approved.

Gabriela’s Instagram is full of her makeup looks, inspired by everything from Drake albums to wild flowers. But her latest series, inspired by her favorite shows growing up, has to be our favorite. false

From the purple and yellow look inspired by The Fairly Odd Parents (which even features a crown) to the yellow and green faded cat-eye inspired by Kim Possible, Gabriela has delivered nostalgia in the most millennial way possible and we are in awe.

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For her Lizzie McGuire-inspired look, Gabriela used Morphe Brushes 35S, 35U, & 35B palettesNYX Cosmetics Vivid Brights Liner in Halo and Vivid Brights Creme Colour in Endless Skies (which is on sale right now for $7!), as well as Anastasia Beverly Hills Chocolate Dipbrow Pomade.

Classics like That’s So Raven and Hannah Montana make appearances too.

We love the under-eye liner on her Wizards of Waverly Place interpretation.

Check out her take on Drake and Josh.

Gabriela didn’t miss any of the less-appreciated shows either. There are Danny Phantom-inspired lids done in icy blue, and even an Avatar: The Last Airbender look featuring a giant blue arrow.

We’re not one to pick favorites, but Gabriela may have just captured the zeitgeist of the early aughts on her eyelids.

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