Your next manicure obsession is an ombre dream

We have long been obsessed with Dior’s Nail Glow polish. Yes, the cult favorite is pricey ($27 a bottle) but it’s a magical shade — a clear gloss with a hint of pink that gives your nails the illusion of being just a bit flushed. (Sounds weird, but looks so pretty and subtle.)

If you’re a fan of this look, then you’ll love our latest infatuation: subtle pink ombre nails.

Check out how this mani uses the natural color of the nail to arrive at a glittery pink:

You can ask your manicurist to try the ombre on your naked nail, or, try out a nude or taupe-y base:

All-over shimmer ombre also looks good:

YAASSSS. How good is this?

You can play with the shade of pink. This one is a bit more peachy, and looks RAD:

And this one looks so natural and elegant we can’t even:

So, ready for a new manicure now?

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