The newest makeup and skin care products officially approved by HG’s Beauty Team

Overwhelmed by all the new beauty products that are out? We’re here to help you narrow down your search. HelloGiggles Senior Beauty Editor, Marie Lodi, and Beauty Editor, Alyssa Morin, get bombarded with beauty packages every day (we know, it’s a blessing and curse), so we’re sharing our favorite products that we tested this month — in our “Obsess Much?” column! This list will only include our favorites of the ones we tried and tested. Check back at the end of each month to find out which releases we loved.

1Benefit Hello Happy Foundation


When it comes to foundations, I usually go for full coverage, but I’ve found myself wearing Hello Happy daily for the past couple of weeks even though it’s more light to mid. I find it really easy to apply, and it wears nicely on my skin, due to the formula’s moisturizing shea extract. Plus, I can’t get over how freaking cute it is! It looks like makeup straight from Tokyo with that kawaii-ness. — Marie

2GlamGlow Glow Powder Highlight Palette


Confession: While I love having glowing skin (especially in the summertime), I’m not a huge fan of the blinding highlight look. For me, I love a highlighter that’s subtle but that also gives me radiant skin. That’s exactly why I’m loving GlamGlow’s palette. Aside from the fact that it’s made with skin care-based ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, Brazilian golden clay, and GlamGlow’s Teoxi vitalflower complex, what I love most is that I can build it up to my desired “glow.” The Nude Glow and Sun Glow shades blend beautifully, especially when applied over my bronzer. — Alyssa

3Glossier Cloud Paint


Cloud Paint is on my top list of blush favorites. I like everything about it, from the cute packaging to the pigmented shades, and a little goes a long way. I’ve been loving the new additions to the Cloud Paint fam, which include the rosy Storm, and the coral-esque Dawn. — Marie

4Cuvée Essential Booster


My hair has been so frizzy and dry lately, you’d think I was rubbing a balloon on top of my head. So when the Cuvée Essential Booster landed on my desk, it was heaven-sent. This serum that contains vitamins and nutrients for softer, shinier-looking hair, and it has helped mine tremendously. I’m not even a hair oil or hair serum person, but because my hair hasn’t been in the best state (and because I was desperate), I was more than excited to try it, and I’m so glad I did. — Alyssa

5Lush Turtle Jelly Bomb


First of all, I love me some turtles (I’m that kid in the meme), so I was super excited that there was going to be a jelly bomb shaped like one! If you’ve tried Lush’s other jelly bath bombs, then you know how soft these make your skin with their seaweed jelly ingredient. What’s extra special about this Turtle Jelly Bomb is that it helps raise awareness about the huge impact single-use plastic is having on our oceans —  an issue that is near and dear to my heart. — Marie

6Urban Decay Born to Run Collection


Out of all the eyeshadow palettes I received this month, Urban Decay’s Born to Run really surprised me — in a good way. At first, the shades seemed random to me, but then I realized that you actually have everything you need, especially when you’re on-the-go. The first time I tried this palette I went to brunch with some girlfriends, and I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my eye makeup than I did that day. I used the green shades in the palette — Wanderlust and Big Sky — colors I rarely use, until recently. — Alyssa

7Sara Happ Coconut Lip Scrub


One of the things I try to do every day (when I can) is a lip scrub. I wear a ton of matte lipsticks, so my lips get chapped pretty easily. Sara Happ, who I always refer to as the godmother of lip scrub (because she invented it, OKRR!), is my go-to when my lips need a lil bit of exfoliating love. Coconut is one of my favorite flavors, so this one is a DREAM! It’s the perfect summer lip product. — Marie

8Captain Blankenship Rose Gold Sunset Sea Salt Shimmer Spray


I love that this gives my dry, frizzy hair life. Every time I spritz this onto my damp or styled hair, it gives it some much-needed shine, moisture, and texture. The dazzling rose gold shimmer shade also adds a fun sparkle to my hair. — Alyssa

9OleHenriksen Pore Mask


My skin has been BASURA lately, so this new mask from Ole Henriksen has been a lifesaver. It’s a detoxifying clay mask with the exotic-sounding ingredients alpine willowherb and snow lotus. These antioxidants help with the appearance of pores (one of my big concerns) for up to eight hours. The mask has a cooling effect, which feels so good. Plus, it comes in this blueberry blue color, which makes for the best selfies.  — Marie

10Lawless Woke Up Like This Flawless Finish Foundation


While I normally gravitate towards full-coverage foundations, no matter what time of the year it is, I’ve noticed that I’m opting for more light-to-medium coverage. I’m not sure if my dry skin needs something lightweight or if I just don’t feel like sweating off a pound of foundation, but either way, it led me to test Lawless’s new foundation with open arms. I love how buildable and long-lasting it is, and how natural it appears. It gives me the coverage I desire, but it lets my skin breathe. — Alyssa

11Glow Recipe Watermelon Sheet Mask


One of the best double masking combos I’ve recently discovered is the aforementioned Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Mask with the new Watermelon Sheet Mask from K-beauty queens Glow Recipe. I do the Cold Plunge mask first, then pop this baby on afterwards. My skin feels like a baby’s butt. — Marie

12Bh Cosmetics Aurora Light Palette


I received a handful of eye palettes this month, but this one blew me away. Normally, I’d stray away from bright, vivid hues, but this palette got me out of my comfort zone. This summer, I’ve been into jewel-tone shadows, and hello, this palette is filled with them. My fave shades are Magnetic and Australis. I also love that the shadows glide on seamlessly — they’re easily blendable and the pigment is high-quality. No patchiness here!  — Alyssa

13Kora Organics Rose Quartz Facial Sculptor


Miranda Kerr and I share a love for rose quartz (it’s my #1 favorite stone to do magickal work with besides flourite) so I was super stoked that she made this. Rose quartz is a great stone for love, especially self-love, so the fact that you can easily incorporate this into your self-routine is perfect. You can use the heart-shaped stone as a way to apply your facial oils, serums, and moisturizers while massaging your face. This can help improve circulation, reduce puffiness, and eliminate toxins due to the lymphatic massage. Gorg! — Marie

14Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide Lipstick


If you love a matte liquid lipstick but want something more lightweight, this revamped Givenchy lipstick is the one for you. What’s super interesting about it is the packaging. The lipstick almost looks like a weapon (like pepper spray), and you twist it so the liquid formula squeezes out as a lush, velvety cream. — Marie

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