Obama’s words to daughters Sasha and Malia about the upcoming Trump presidency are so incredibly sweet and uplifting

Let’s get something straight — we’re going to miss Barack Obama. In fact, he hasn’t even left yet, and we miss him already. And the amount we’ll miss him has just increased after hearing what Obama said to Sasha and Malia about Donald Trump.

His two daughters, who pretty much grew up in the White House, definitely have an incredible role model in their father. (And hey, their mother too. They’re pretty darn lucky.)

As expected, Obama was nothing but inspiring when trying to encourage the two of them about the upcoming Trump presidency. And really, we think his incredible advice is something that everyone should hear and feel inspired by.

"People are complicated. Societies and cultures are really complicated, the president said, as he recollected on his words to The New Yorker. "This is not mathematics; this is biology and chemistry. These are living organisms, and it’s messy. And your job as a citizen and as a decent human being is to constantly affirm and lift up and fight for treating people with kindness and respect and understanding."


But, that’s not all.

"You should anticipate that at any given moment there’s going to be flare-ups of bigotry that you may have to confront, or may be inside you and you have to vanquish," he continued. "And it doesn’t stop. … You don’t get into a fetal position about it. You don’t start worrying about apocalypse. You say, okay where are the places where I can push to keep it moving forward?

We were all extremely lucky to live during a time when this man was president.

Obama’s words just remind us that no matter what, we have to keep pushing forward and be the best, most caring version of ourselves. We need to look out for others, and never disregard the stories and struggles of others.

We really hope that while he’ll soon shed the presidential title, he’ll still occasionally provide much-needed advice and support to our country.

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