The Obamas had a final farewell bash at the White House, and basically EVERY celeb was there

What’s one more party before the change of hands? After eight long years, the Obama administration is coming to an end. Can you believe it? For years, we’ve been blown away by the grace and dignity the Obamas have carried, despite the racism they’ve faced and the difficulties in bridging the partisan gap. Though his time in office is coming to a close, we can’t help but be proud of everything the Obamas have accomplished.

Following First Lady Michelle Obama’s final speech honoring the School Counselor of the Year, the Obamas threw one last party to celebrate the end of President Obama’s tenure.

From Stephen Spielberg to Meryl Streep, and Nick Jonas to Magic Johnson, pretty much every celebrity you could think of was in attendance.

Though no cell phones were allowed into the event, CNN’s Betsy Klein tweeted the arrivals so it was almost like being there. Almost.

In addition to Betsy Klein’s tweets, several celebs posted pictures of themselves with their dates for the night, whether it be friends, or in Jordin Sparks’ case, family.

Though we weren’t in attendance — the event was held for donors and supporters over the years — the joy from social media posts shared from celebs in attendance was infectious, and reminded us that there is so much to celebrate about the Obamas.

And if we’re not emotional yet, we definitely will be when we see Obama’s farewell speech in a few days.

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