The Obamas’ vacation photos are here, and everyone is losing their minds over them

While our entire world feels like its on fire, we can at least take solace in the fact that two of our favorite people in the universe are taking a nice, relaxing pause from the world of politics: the Obamas. TBH, if anyone deserves a vacation right now, it’s the Obamas, and their vacation looks seriously dreamy. Based on the Obama vacation photos, they’re getting all the relaxation they need and more!

According to our friends over at ELLE, our favorite first couple (like, truly, have you heard the Obama love story?!) ventured off to Palm Springs post-inauguration, and the headed to the British Virgin Islands, landing in Necker Island, which is owned by billionaire Richard Branson. Like, casual. Please, please take us with you!!

Michelle let us know that she and Barack were headed on a break with this tweet she sent on inauguration day.

While Obama let us know he’ll be a regular ol’ citizen just like us.

Which, apparently, means looking ~fly as hell~ in a backwards baseball cap?!!

The Obama vacation photos are literally everything as more. They look chill AF! WE ARE NOT WORTHY.

We are absolutely obsessed with these looks. We hope you two are having so much fun! But like, not too much! We still need you!

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