Obama’s first tweet as a former President has a dad joke, of course

WOW that was a rough few hours without Former President Barack Obama on social media. Early on Inauguration Day, he handed over the Twitter handle of @POTUS to the current Commander-In-Chief. Then, there was a short Twitter blackout as Obama got on a helicopter and flew away from Washington D.C. and the Inauguration hoopla.

What was he doing during this time? It’s clear that he (and probably Michelle, begrudgingly) brainstormed some really awesome dad jokes for Obama to make in his first tweet as a private citizen once again.

Currently, Obama has two Twitter handles: One, is his former POTUS account, now renamed @POTUS44 (and yes, all his tweets are there). The other is his fancy @BarackObama account, which he’s been using this whole time, just sparingly. Seeing as he’s no longer the President anymore, he’s now returned to this OG account, and he did so with quite a splash. And a dad joke:

IS THIS THING ON OMG OMG OMG you know somewhere both Sasha and Malia are rolling their eyes so hard right now. Probably Michelle, too.

He followed up this tweet with another one, linking out to the Obama Foundation.

Like his first tweet says, the Obamas are taking a lil’ vacation, because they are tired and they deserve to sleep for like, four days straight. Then, it’s time to get back to work, because there are still things to change out there.

It’s also a wonderful comfort, like cuddling up in a soft warm blanket, to know that Obama (and Michelle!!) are still here for us, and support us, and believe in us, and are willing to crack some jokes from time to time. Enjoy your vacation, please tweet your favorite pictures, and we’ll see you soon back here on social media, Obamas.

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