Obama told Samantha Bee a scary Halloween story, and he’s right: it’s terrifying

We are really going to miss President Obama in the White House! Seriously, in the last eight years who didn’t want to brunch with Michelle Obama and her daughters, help the White House garden flourish, and OK, maybe attend one of the State dinners. While we are preparing to mourn the families departure, President Obama is pulling all of the stops to give us as many memories as possible before he leaves. In this case he decided to share a scary Halloween story with Samantha Bee. We have to say, we were absolutely TERRIFIED!

President Obama appeared on Full Frontal which is hosted by Samantha Bee. While on the show she asked him to share a scary story in honor of Halloween about what happens if the American people do not vote on November 8th.

His response was that Donald Trump could be President. We know you felt the air go cold, but seriously President Obama scary stories are supposed to be made up things that aren’t capable of happening!

Samantha Bee suggested that President Obama have a bit of fun with Donald Trump when he leaves office

“After you leave office, have you thought of just whispering in Donald Trump’s ear, ‘You were right, I wasn’t born here,’ just to mess with him? Bee asked.

Even though that is something we would ALL love to witness President Obama has other plans

“I think it’s fair to say that I will be organizing my post presidency where I’m not close enough to him to whisper in his ear, Obama assured her.

We sure are going to miss President Obama and his scary stories, but let’s make sure this one doesn’t come true!

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