Obama says more women should be in power because men seem to be “having some problems”

This past weekend, former president Barack Obama reminded us just how much we miss him when he said that more women should be in positions of power “because men seem to be having some problems these days.


Obama made the feisty comment over the weekend while addressing a group of media leaders and academics while in Paris. He went on to say,

“Not to generalize, but women seem to have a better capacity than men do, partly because of their socialization."

While clearly referencing the recent flood of sexual assault and harassment allegations against powerful men, Obama didn’t name any specific people — but it’s not hard to imagine who he might be alluding to (Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and Donald Trump, to name just a few).

Joking aside, Obama raises a critical point about the need for women in high-powered positions. Not only would it significantly alter the power dynamic of many still male-dominated industries, but powerful ladies can then serve as mentors for younger women ascending the ranks — an advantage many young men currently have over women in many fields. And let’s be real, if the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that sexual harassment and assault are generally male problems — as in men are most often the perpetrators. More women in power could potentially go a long way in terms of making sexual misconduct in the workplace a thing of the past.

We’re heartened to see a powerful man like Obama taking a stand on this, and we hope others follow suit.

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