Obama said the sweetest thing about his mom

President Obama has always spoken fondly of his mother, Ann Dunham. From reminiscing about his childhood in his autobiography to extolling her courage as a single parent during his formative years, the President has never been one to mince words when it comes to his late mom. And in a recent interview, President Obama shared most important lessons he learned from his mother.

Discussing his non-traditional upbringing (Obama was born in Hawaii and raised by his mother and grandparents after his father abandoned the family when he was around 2 years old, Obama emphasized that through all the tumult and turbulence, one lesson from his mother kept him going. In an interview for David Axelrod’s podcast, he explained:

For all the ups and downs of our lives, there was never a moment where I didn't feel as if I was special, that I was not just this spectacular gift to the world.

President Obama’s mother was just 18 when she gave birth to him; their closeness in age brought about its own sort of advantages and disadvantages (as anyone with a younger parent can attest).

In some ways, by the time I was 12, 13, she's interacting with me almost like a friend as well as a parent. I didn't always necessarily handle that well. It's not sort of a recipe for ideal parenting. But what I did learn was that unconditional love makes up for an awful lot, and I got that from her.

President Obama’s mother passed away in 1995, but the lessons of unconditional love she taught him have made a profound impact on his life and how he raised his own children.

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