Someone turned President Obama’s “pop off” quote into an epic song

Earlier this week during a press conference at the G-20 summit in Turkey, a reporter asked President Barack Obama, “Why can’t we take out these [ISIS] bastards?” — and received an answer that quickly went viral.

“If folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do, present a specific plan,” President Obama said. “If they think that somehow their advisers are better than the Chairman of my Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the folks who are actually on the ground, I want to meet them.”

It was an incredible moment, and the Internet was quick to freak out — in particular over the President’s choice of the phrase “pop off.” One SoundCloud user, JX Cannon (or Jim Cannon),  apparently liked the quote so much that he decided to remix it into a glorified club banger. Have a listen and thank the Internet for its always-surprising gifts.

(Image via YouTube.)

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