Must read: President Obama wrote an op-ed for the New York Times on gun violence

Days after shedding tears on national television while issuing an executive order on gun control, President Obama has further articulated his plans for reducing gun violence in an op-ed for the New York Times.

Calling guns “our shared responsibility,” the president underscored how gun violence is a problem endemic to America: “We’re the only advanced nation on earth that sees this kind of mass violence with this frequency.” He goes further, calling out the hypocrisy of politicians who denounce gun violence but don’t support proposed policies like increased background checks and easier access to mental health care (which the vast majority of Americans support):

But President Obama doesn’t just appeal to gun owners and voters — he introduces a call-to-action for the gun industry, and makes a point about gun safety that starts with the guns themselves:

The president’s call for an end to gun violence then addresses those who’ve been most deeply affected by it — its victims and their families:

The U.S. recently marked and mourned the third anniversary of the Newtown school shootings, which many gun control advocates hoped would be a turning point for policy, this past December. According to the Gun Violence Archives, there have already been 208 gun-related deaths in America in 2016.

You can read President Obama’s entire op-ed here.

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