Obama and George Clooney played basketball together so 2016 wasn’t all bad

Sure, 2016 has had some rough moments. Just recently, we lost mental health advocate and Star Wars star Carrie Fisher, and then lost her mother, the iconic Debbie Reynolds, the next day. Mix that in with a tumultuous political climate, and 2016 can seem pretty grim. But in the spirit of looking on the bright side, let’s celebrate a good thing that happened this year: President Obama and George Clooney playing basketball together.

Yep, you read that right. The White House released the Year in Photos by photographer Pete Souza, and there are a plethora of lovely photos chronicling President Obama’s final year in office. One photo in particular has the internet totally fan-girling, and that’s a picture of Obama and Clooney playing basketball together. The two were just shooting hoops, apparently after having a conversation in the White House about human rights. Ya know, NBD. false

Because what happens when you put the POTUS and an Oscar winner in a room together? Well, apparently normal things. And then they finish it up with a game of one-on-one. It’s like Love and Basketball, but with two handsome silver foxes and a totally platonic relationship.

We have so many questions. Who suggested the game of one-on-one? Did they put on sneakers, or play a casual game of basketball in expertly crafted Italian loafers? How did Obama manage to keep his shirt tucked in? Who won the game? OUR MINDS ARE RACING.

There are tons of other awesome photos that Pete Souza, the resident White House photographer, captured throughout the course of 2016. From President Obama doing the wave to him showing off his moves outside the Oval Office, the pictures all have one thing in common: Obama looks like a happy, genuine guy who enjoys the same simple pleasures as we do.

Ah, presidents. They’re just like us. (Except the whole playing basketball with A-listers thing.) But you get the point.