This OB-GYN delivered a patient’s twins just hours after giving birth herself, and she’s our new hero

Whether you’ve given birth, know someone who has, or just watched that stomach-turning live-birth video in ninth-grade health class, you know bringing a baby into the world is no small feat. From the mental stress and emotional taxation to the physical pain, it’s called “labor” for good reason. But for Dr. Hilary Conway, it’s all in a day’s work. Back in December, the obstetrician (and mom of two) delivered a patient’s twins just hours after giving birth herself.

Forget Diana Prince in Wonder Woman — this superhero origin story really happened! Okay, so Conway may not be an actual superhero. But she’s our hero, and a pretty darn super one. And her post-labor badass mom realness is giving us life!

On December 12th, Conway, an OB-GYN at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic in Washington, gave birth to her second child. While recuperating in her hospital room later that night, Katie Moss, a patient of Conway’s, told her via text message that she was in labor. According to Conway, she and Moss had grown close over the previous year, bonding over their simultaneous pregnancies. So, when Conway saw the message shortly after midnight, she strolled over (like a boss) to the nurse’s station to see if Moss had been admitted.

That’s when Conway learned Moss had not only arrived, but was getting ready to deliver in the room right next to hers.

Can you say whoa, baby?

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. With Moss’s delivery room just a few baby steps away, Conway, who had worried she would miss the birth of Moss’s twins, put on her doctor hat and went to work welcoming her patient-friend’s babies into the world — after feeding her own baby girl and asking a staffer to watch over her, naturally.

Giving birth ain’t no joke, but…

With Conway’s help, Moss’s twins were born December 13th — Luke at 4:50 a.m. and Soren at 5:38 a.m. Not even a full day had passed since Conway birthed her own daughter, Verna.

“It was awesome to be there for the delivery, it’s always a bummer to miss them. Being a health care provider is such a huge privilege. As doctor and patient, we go through so much together during the pregnancy,” Conway told People. “So, as soon as I realized that delivering Katie was feasible, I was beyond thrilled for the privilege of being there.”

Let’s all toast to #MomGoals, shall we?

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