Meet the NYU student who went on a date with Selena Gomez

It can be hard to remember that celebrities are just normal people — just with really shiny hair and bodyguards. How many times have you or your friends sworn off dating, only to end up on a date a few days later? It’s totally normal. After recently vowing that she wasn’t interested in putting herself on the dating market, a certain Pantene Pro-V spokeswoman/international sensation (Selena Gomez) was recently spotted on a date with someone who wasn’t a Canadian pop star (22-year-old NYU grad Samuel Krost).

The Internet seems to have a lot of questions: Who is Samuel Krost? Why is Selena dating again? How can she just go out to dinner like a regular human?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but Selena is a regular human, and she can break bread with whomever she pleases. If your curiosity about Samuel is literally eating you from the inside out, here are a few deets. Classmates described Sam (may we call you Sam?) as “sweet,” “super suave,” and “very charming.” One student told Seventeen that he has a “great smile that lights up a room.”

That sounds like a perfectly wonderful person to go on a date with!

Though it appears that Samuel dabbles in DJ-ing, he has a full time job in the fashion industry and regularly rubs elbows with the Hadid sisters. Not literally, obviously. Unless that’s what goes on behind the scenes of a runway show. I wouldn’t know.

Sure, Samuel seems like a cool dude. Apparently, his friends refer to his as “Hot Sammy,” which is both embarrassing and wonderful and such a recent college grad thing to do. But don’t start embroidering “Selena + Sam = 4 Ever” pillows quite yet.

Selena told reporters during the taping of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show that she is “definitely single.” Not just maybe single. Definitely single. When asked if she was dating, she confirmed that she was, “a little bit.” Going out to dinner with cute boys who work in fashion sounds super healthy. It doesn’t mean that Selena isn’t taking time to focus on herself and her career, and it for sure does not mean that Selena is jumping into a serious relationship.

The heart wants what it wants, you know? And right now, Selena’s heart wants to keep things casual.

(Images via Instagram and Pantene Pro-V/Giphy.)

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