Michael Kors debuted a smartwatch at NYFW that is completely chic

This year at New York Fashion Week, Michael Kors unveiled an accessory that nobody saw coming. The designer is throwing his hat into the tech ring and taking on Apple and Samsung with his new Access smartwatches.

Kors saw an opportunity that surprisingly few designers have followed: Consumers who want the functionality of smartwatches without the overly techy look. The marriage of fashion and technology is a trend that’s only getting bigger and bigger, and he’s one of the first to truly capitalize on it.

“I’m a fashion freak, not a tech geek,” said Kors at the debut of his new line. “We love what [technology] does for our lives, but we don’t always love how it looks.”

On the tech side, the watches have competitive features like fitness tracking, social media alerts, and voice-activated Google search. And on the fashion side, they’re available in two sleek styles: the metal Bradshaw, and the black Dylan.

On top of that, they can also be tailored to match your outfit or mood. The color, dial, hands, and sub-dials all change with just a few swipes.

Some of the dials are even animated, and in case you’re wondering, Kors’s favorite is one of the watch’s flashiest.

“I’m personally partial to diamonds falling,” he told a reporter. “You can never have too many diamonds.”

Best of all, the Access smartwatches are affordable for the masses—they start at $350. Expect to see these on wrists everywhere soon!