A look at Ashley Graham’s gorgeous lingerie line at NYFW

Most models maintain a strict diet before a runway show, and even sometimes fast the night before. But Ashley Graham is not most models. Her pre-show meal of choice? Chinese food. And we absolutely love her for it.

“I had chicken fried rice last night, and I had a lot of it,” Graham revealed to The New York Post at her NYFW Addition Elle x Ashley Graham lingerie show. “And I was like, ‘Why did I do that?’”

Because you’re awesome, Ashley. And because chicken fried rice is delicious.


Graham debuted the latest pieces from her plus-size lingerie line last night at New York Fashion Week to rave reviews. The model herself walked in the show and was joined by a host of gorgeous women including Jordyn Woods, Precious Lee, and Marquita Pring.


Graham said she felt nervous in the morning, but by the time she hit the catwalk, any jitters she had were gone. She looked incredible and shone brightly with her signature confidence.

“I do a lot of positive affirmation,” the model continued. “That’s how I get my confidence back, and I believe a lot of people should do that.”


There was no need to be nervous—she and everyone absolutely crushed it, and looked stunning. This fall’s NYFW has been one of the most diverse and inclusive seasons yet, and we’re so glad Graham has helped lead the charge in recognizing plus-size beauty.

“This is the generation of body diversity,” she said during a TED Talk last year. “The current is changing.”

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