The NYC Gay Men’s Chorus did a “Golden Girls” tribute with puppets, and YASSS

There’s a new puppet show in the New York City theatre scene, and we can’t wait. The NYC Gay Men’s Chorus paid tribute to Golden Girls with this a capella rendition of the theme song featuring puppets. The performance by Tonewell, a group of 11 members from the Gay Men’s Chorus, was filmed to promote That Golden Girls Show! The new play in NYC features the characters from Golden Girls played by puppets. The result is pure nostalgia, and it’s the perfect season for that!

Check out Tonewell singing “Thank You for Being a Friend” with the puppets from That Golden Girls Show!

Wow, we could listen to their smooth voices all day.

And how cute were they hanging out with puppets of Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose?

Although puppet Dorothy does not look impressed.


You can find out more about That Golden Girls Show! here.

We bet the Golden Girls would be proud!

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